Applied Health Informatics

Your resources for all things health informatics. We provide consulting, training, and education for health informatic professionals.


Applied Health Informatics offers various services to help you with Health Informatics


Receive direct support for your health informatics projects. From payers to hospital systems we can help.

Education and Training

Get the skills you need to land a job thats in demand or keep the one you have and level up.

Resume Builder

Build a informatics resume that highlights skills and experience based on your job type.

Practicum Matching

Help pair students with preceptors/sites based on mutual interests and needs.

Pay Compensation Tool

Service to help students and health informatcists determine fair compensation for work performed

Applied Health Informatics also has a blog where you can learn about industry trends and our perspective on the future of work.

Proudly Supporting Health Informaticists

AHI provides tools and resources to support current and next generaiton health informaticists.